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06 SEP

Earnings Release FY 2021

The Company announces today its results for the Fiscal Year 2021.

- The results for fiscal year 2021 have been affected by the restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic. The company's shopping malls and hotels were closed for most of the year while the offices remained operational, even though most of the tenants adopted the remote work modality.


- Malls’ tenant sales and revenues fell 27.8% and 40.3%, respectively, in real terms, office revenues fell 22.0% and hotel revenues 69.7%. Adjusted EBITDA of the rental segments reached ARS 4,223 million, 55.1% lower than the previous year, while total Adjusted EBITDA, which includes investment property sales, reached ARS 13,284 million, growing by 54.6% in the year.


- The net result for fiscal year 2021 showed a loss of ARS 37,591 million mainly explained by the operating result, the impact of the change in the rate, from 25% to 35%, in the deferred income tax and the loss recorded by discontinued operations.


- During fiscal year 2021, we sold approximately 29,700 m2 of premium offices for a total amount of USD 170.6 million and inaugurated the building located at Della Paolera 261, the company's new headquarters.


- In financial matters, during the year we issued debt in the local market for USD 216 million, we successfully completed the exchange of the Series I Notes for USD 181.5 million within the framework of the BCRA Resolution, we increased the capital by approximately USD 29 million and we distributed a dividend in kind in shares of IRSA Propiedades Comerciales for the sum of ARS 484 million.