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03 JUN

Exchange ON IRCP 8.75% - Early Tender Results

The Company announces the results of the Early Tender Participation Date.

Early Tender Participation Date Results

USD 203,605,500 of the Existing Notes were validly tendered, which represents 56.56% of the USD 360,000,000 (56.55% under Option A and 43.45% under Option B). If no additional Existing Notes were to be tendered after the Early Participation Date, Eligible Holders who have validly tendered their Existing Notes under Option A would receive USD 530.49 of Pro-Rata A Cash Consideration per USD 1,000 principal amount of Existing Notes tendered under Option A.


Modifications to the Exchange Consideration


Eligible Holders who tender their Existing Notes on or before the Expiration Date will receive the same Exchange Consideration as Eligible Holders who tendered their Existing Notes prior to or at the Early Participation Date.


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