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18 FEB

Material Fact - Investment in CLAL through IDBD

Complementing the material facts published on August 30, 2019 and February 5, 2020 and in relation to IDBD stake in Clal

and the swap transactions of Clal shares made by IDBD. It is recalled that IRSA controls IDBD through Dolphin Netherlands B.V. (“Dolphin Netherlands”), a Dutch company 100% controlled by the subsidiary Tyrus S.A.


The Company reports that today, Dolphin Netherlands has deposited autonomous, unconditional and additional guarantees for the financial institutions, through which IDBD carried out the swap transactions, for a total of approximately NIS 9 million, all in accordance with the Dolphin Netherlands´ obligation detailed in the previous material fact and with the swap transactions.


As of today, IDBD’s stake in Clal Insurance Enterprises amounts to 8.5% of its share capital and IDBD owns an additional 7.1 % through swaps transactions.