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Investment in IDBD & DIC

The Company released a material fact regarding its investments in IDBD & DIC

IDBD has been holding negotiations with its creditors in order to restructure its financial debt on more favorable terms.


As of June 30, 2020, the aggregate principal amount of the (i) IDBD Series 9 Bonds was NIS 901 million (“Series 9”), (ii) IDBD Series 14 Bonds was NIS 889 million collateralized by Discount Investment Company Ltd (“DIC”) shares owned directly or indirectly by us representing 70% of the share capital of DIC (“Series 14”), (iii) IDBD Series 15 Bonds was NIS 238million collateralized by shares of Clal Insurance Company Ltd (“Clal”) representing 5% of the share capital of Clal (“Series 15”).


Despite the above mentioned negotiations, as no agreement have been reached, on September 17, 2020, the Series 9 trustee submitted to the District Court in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa (the "Court") a petition to grant an order for the opening of proceedings for IDBD pursuant to the Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation Law, 5778 – 2018 and to instruct the appointment of a trustee for IDBD pursuant to Section 33 and to grant the trustee any and all authority over the decision making of IDBD as well as the request of an immediate hearing to open the proceedings against IDBD (the “Petition”).


On September 21, 2020, the Series 14 trustee informed that the holders of Series 14 approved to make the entire uncleared balance of Series 14 repayable immediately.


On September 22, 2020,  IDBD and Dolphin Netherlands B.V. submitted an initial response to the Petition, arguing that it is in the best interest of IDBD and its creditors to exhaust the negotiations among the controlling shareholder and its creditors during a short period with the aim to maximize the value of its assets, avoid costs and additional negative effects.


In addition, responses by the Series 14 trustee and the Series 15 trustee were filed requesting the enforcement of liens and the appointment of a receiver as well as an urgent hearing, which was scheduled for September 24, 2020.


On September 25, 2020, the Court resolved that IDBD is insolvent and has therefore resolved to grant all three orders requested and accordingly, issued an order for the initiation of proceedings and liquidation of IDBD, and has appointed a liquidator to IDBD and interim receivers over the Pledged DIC Shares and the Pledged Clal Shares.


As of to date, we are analyzing together with our local and international advisors the judicial decision, alternatives and course of action.


With respect to our non-consolidated financial statements, as of June 30, 2020, the investment in IDBD and DIC is valued at zero.