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07 MAY

Capital Increase Results

The Company reports the results of the capital increase having finished the subscription periods.

Having finished the pre emptive rights subscription period, the Company's shareholders have subscribed the amount of 79,144,833 new additional shares, that is 99% of the shares offered, and have requested through the accretion right 15,433,539 additional new shares, for which 855,167 new shares will be issued, completing the total issuance of 80,000,000 new shares (or their equivalent in GDS) offered. Likewise, 80,000,000 options will be issued that will entitle the holders through their exercise, in a period of five years, to acquire up to 80,000,000 additional new shares.


The issue and settlement date for the new shares will be May 7, 2021 and for the options will take place within 10 business days after the new shares and new GDS were credited.


After this capital increase, the outstanding shares of the Company will amount to 658,676,460 common shares or 65,867,646 GDS.