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01 JUN

Warrants Listing

The Company communicates that the warrants issued in May 2021, on the occasion of its capital increase, are available for trading on NYSE and BYMA under the tickers IRSWS and IRS2W, respectively.

As a reminder:


- Each warrant will entitle the holder to purchase one additional common share.

- Strike price: USD/Share 0.432

- Maturity: May 12th, 2026.

- The warrants will be exercisable after 90 days following their issuance, prior to their expiration on the fifth anniversary of their issue date, during the nine-day period from and including the 17th through the 25th day of each February, May, September and November, on the day prior to their expiration and on their expiration date (to the extent such dates are business days in New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina). The first exercise period will be in September 2021.

- Warrant agent: Computershare Inc.