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We are an integral part of the communities in which our business units are based. It is our objective to articulate the interests of the businesses with the agenda of these communities, balancing the generation of economic, social and environmental value.

It is worth mentioning that more than 100 million people pass through our shopping centers per year. This represents a great advantage and a huge responsibility for the communication of our community activities, being the ideal place to disseminate, make visible and raise awareness about issues of interest to society and act accordingly.

In the office buildings we have as tenants large national and international companies. They are organizations that are committed locally and globally with the triple impact of their actions (economic, social and environmental).

The Company carries out numerous actions with civil society organizations and involves its collaborators in volunteer work. These actions have the dual purpose of helping those who need it and raising awareness among employees about the need to get involved in helping the community. Through the IRSA Foundation, the donations made by the group’s employees to public welfare entities of their own choosing are tripled.

The agenda of topics is agreed with the organizations of each community, with the public sector and the specialists in each subject. In this way we strengthen ties and generate long-term alliances, incorporating actors in the value chain and collaborating with the communities where we operate.


Actions during the COVID-19 emergency

During 2020 and 2021, we carried out various actions to collaborate in the face of the health emergency caused by COVID-19. Our commitment as a company was to work from the beginning on the needs of our communities, joining different initiatives of donation and corporate volunteering.

We communicate prevention and hygiene measures in our offices and generate training and awareness spaces for our collaborators. We created a portal within the internal communications platform to disseminate the work of 5 NGOs. The objective was to promote different ways of collaborating so that more children can continue with their studies in a context of virtuality and closed schools.

On the other hand, given the closure of our shopping malls for several months, we use the social networks of the shopping malls, which have more than 630,000 users on Instagram and more than 5,200,000 on Facebook, to communicate the activities of NGOs such as Fundación Si, Bocalan, Aldeas Infantiles, Fundación MediaPila, Uniendo Caminos, Plato Lleno, Fundación Flexer, Fundación Vida Silvestre, Chicas en Tecnología, Fundación Leer, Fundación Ruta 40, Fundación Cimientos, Fundación Argentina Onco Hematológica Pediátrica and Fundación Pelota de Trapo.



“Seamos Uno” Donation

We joined the #SeamosUno project by donating funds to deliver 14,000 food and cleaning kits.

The campaign was carried out by a group of people, entities and religious, social and business organizations that, in coordination with the Government, organized to help the most vulnerable sectors of society during the emergency derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. It aspired to cover the needs of 4 million Argentines with the assembly of 1 million boxes with food and hygiene products.


In July, the month of childhood, we joined the SOS Children\'s Villages campaign for 7,000 boys and girls to receive a gift on their day. From IRSA we invite our collaborators to participate by adding their toy in the virtual toy store and from the IRSA Foundation program we multiply the donations.


Together with Estée Lauder and MACMA (Movement Help Breast Cancer) we gave a talk to raise awareness about breast cancer for our collaborators and the external public. We focus on statistics, risk factors and necessary checks to control ourselves. In addition, a giveaway was held for Estée Lauder products.


For more than 9 years we have accompanied the mission of Bocalán Argentina to prepare assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Dog training is carried out monthly in the shopping centers facilities to work on social obedience. Assistance dogs are trained as technical aid to improve the autonomy of people with disabilities who can benefit from the work of these animals. At Distrito Arcos we held a demonstration to publicize their work and raise awareness about how important it is to assist people with disabilities.



We remember the importance of the International Day of Childhood Cancer and we join in raising awareness. The NGO Contá con Ache was carrying out actions in Abasto Shopping and Alcorta Shopping with its “Amarillos x ell@s” campaign from February 12 to 15.

In addition, Alto Palermo and Alto Rosario collaborated with the Natalí Dafne Flexer and FAOHP Foundations respectively, with communication in each shopping center to accompany children with cancer and their families.


In March 2021, more than 25,000 people participated in “Un Sí para la Educación” in the company\'s shopping centers.

Back to school, we invite the public of our shopping centers to participate in "Un Sí para la Educación", an initiative that supports the Fundación Sí university residency program. For each participant, we make a financial contribution of ARS 2,000. 000 for the purchase of educational materials that 340 students would need during 2021. All the funds contributed come from the company; no contribution was requested from the participants.

Fundación Sí\'s university residency program is aimed at young graduates of rural secondary schools or those far from urban centers where the tertiary and university educational offer is concentrated. The project consists of providing accommodation, food, financial aid for the acquisition of study material and per diem, as well as medical, psychological, psycho-pedagogical and support assistance to those who need it.

This campaign is aligned with quality education, one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) promoted by the United Nations.



In June 2021, together with Alto Comahue we carried out an activity called "Build your orchard with Ruta 40 Foundation" for the month of the Environment where we made known the work of the foundation and delivered pots and seeds so that customers can start their kitchen-garden at home.



In the month of women, together with Alto Palermo and MediaPila Foundation we come together so that more women can have the opportunity to train and work with dignity. 400 people came to pick up their reusable tote bag with phrases of support for the foundation.



For the 11th consecutive year, in March 2021, we participated in “Earth Hour” - an initiative carried out in Argentina by Fundación Vida Silvestre - by turning off the lights on the facades of our shopping centers and office buildings. It is the largest global awareness campaign that invites individuals, governments, and institutions to turn off the lights for an hour to demonstrate their commitment against climate change.



Together with Fundación IRSA, we donated the disused furniture from the Intercontinental building because of the move of our offices to the “Della Paolera 261” building in Catalinas. We donated more than 350 pieces of furniture to schools in Saavedra and to the Maria Guadalupe Institute. Likewise, together with Alto Avellaneda, we donated furniture in excellent condition to the “Pelota de Trapo” Foundation. The foundation has different programs where they are dedicated to the comprehensive care of more than 250 boys and girls from the Avellaneda district, promoting daily nutrition, medical care, education, work and they also have a home. The foundation, in the visit prior to the donation, was able to select and choose the furniture according to the functionality of each one.



Together with Alto Avellaneda and the “Pelota de Trapo” Foundation, we invite visitors to the shopping center to assemble a large rag ball together, helping the families of more than 250 boys and girls who visit the foundation in foraging for food.



In May 2021, we launched the "Education Marathon" campaign. We collaborated with different foundations in the field of education in a year where presence in schools was affected and we helped spread the activity of each foundation through the social networks of our shopping centers.



In May 2021, we invited our collaborators to participate in a volunteer service with Fundación Leer. Where we did the recording and editing of stories for boys in audiobook format. These stories were published on a virtual platform of the foundation where millions of families enter daily to teach their children how to read. Teachers also enter this platform and use the material to teach their students.



In June 2021, we carried out a virtual activity where through trivia we worked with the themes "Native plants and waste recycling" interacting with the followers of our shopping centers, where more than 100,000 people voted and put their knowledge to the test.













The Company purchases to and / or contracts with suppliers of both goods and services. Our suppliers can be small regional companies as well as multinational companies, 97% of them of national origin. The relationshipbetween the Company and its suppliers are in accordance with market conditions: The best alternatives of purchases or hiring allow comparisons of different proposals, aligning as long as they meet the expected service and / or technical requirements, both in the case of goods and services, always in search of better values for both shareholders and for its tenants.

<p">All suppliers and contractors must comply with the labor and safety and hygiene regulations, technical regulations, and environmental ratings and practices applicable to their activity. To provide services, suppliers must present the documents indicating their compliance and are periodically audited in matters of safety at work. Compliance with the legal requirements of social security for large contractors (eg, cleaning, security and construction) is monthly audited.



Customer care and services

“Conectados con VOS” is the IRSA contact center from where we manage interactions with our customers through the various service channels, including social networks, telephone, mails, telepresence.

As of March 2021, we worked together with the ENTA Consultant with the aim of creating new processes, defining KPIs and tools to streamline our service.

In the month of July, the integration between external platforms (IVR, Bot) with our CRM was carried out to have more information from our clients to analyze and collaborate in decision-making and optimize services permanently.

These improvements have modified the perception of quality of service that our customers have: the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of the Contact Center has grown in the last year, standing at +57 and reaching the defined KPI objectives.





IRSA Foundation was created in 1996 with the purpose of generating programs and accompanying initiatives that promote the integral development of people with a special focus on education, human well-being and social inclusion. Likewise, it supports organizations in society with the conviction that only through joint work and networking can be achieved the true changes necessary to achieve full citizenship and an equitable and inclusive society.

Since 2014 IRSA Foundation has invested in improving hospital equipment and providing state-of-the-art devices and health supplies to hospitals and health centers in our country. Also for 6 years it has been promoting the training and education of young professionals who make up the Argentine health care system, with a special focus on early childhood nutrition and nursing.

Within the framework of the health and economic impact of COVID-19, IRSA Foundation strengthened the social support actions that it had been implementing since 2016. With the aim of helping the most vulnerable populations have a healthy diet, it allocated significant economic resources to more than 20 community kitchens to supplement the monthly feeding of children and young people with fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products and to provide themselves with cleaning and personal hygiene items.

The MultipliDAR program continued, through which all employees of the IRSA Group companies are offered the possibility of multiplying their personal donations to civil society organizations in their referential world to strengthen their solidarity initiative. Through the Multiplidar program, the amount that the collaborator has previously donated to the entity is equalized, doubled and tripled.

The Foundation continues to support initiatives that promote Education and Culture for the growth of society. Seeks educational innovation through comprehensive access to technology with new ways of learning and more active teaching strategies, so that children and young people can study and work - maintaining the protocols - without losing interaction with their peers. Together with other social organizations, it works for the recognition of the value that exists in identity and respect for diversity.

With an attentive look at current needs and recurring problems, Fundación IRSA has decided in 2020 to accompany “Red por la Infancia” in its process of creating the “Observatory on First Practices for Addressing Child Abuse” In its first stage, it intends to bring together evidence in order to contribute to the construction of a diagnosis of the situation and identify the degree of normative development, the pending challenges at the legislative level, the degree of progress in public policies and in the administration of justice regarding the protection of children against violence.

IRSA Propiedades Comerciales, under the integral coordination of the Foundation, continued its work as an investor in the First Argentina’s Social Impact Bond in which the State and the companies worked together aimed at generating employment conditions for extremely vulnerable youth through a new methodology of payment for results. In a complex context due to the pandemic, the program managed to train 880 young people in the city of Buenos Aires and 287 of them to enter the labor market. Next year ends this first experience in Argentina, key for the development of future Bonds focused on different social problems, providing relevant data and information that will open the way to develop a more efficient Public Policy based on the local evidence generated.

During the last fiscal year 2020-2021, IRSA Foundation worked with 78 civil society organizations, making a direct social investment of ARS 126,955,959.



“Puerta 18” Foundation is a free space for artistic and technological creation for young people from 13 to 24 years old. Through a non-formal education proposal, it encourages the development of skills, vocations and talents in young people through the multiple resources offered by technology.

Throughout its 13 years, more than 5,000 young people were trained for free and today there are more than 200 who have been inserted into work in areas related to their training in the institution.

Our gaze is based on placing the young person at the center of the proposal, which revolves around his interests and needs, and where educators act as facilitators using technology as a tool. Some of the disciplines we work with are: Graphic Design, Photography, UX, Programming, Comprehensive Video Production, 3D Modeling and Animation, Videogames, Robotics, among others.

New normal

During 2020 we carried out activities at our headquarters on Zelaya Street and also in neighborhoods of the City such as Retiro, Bajo Flores, Zavaleta and Villa Lugano.

Through a methodology of accompaniment with homework, the participants had different proposals and according to their interests, they could choose which one to join and for how long. This allows each young person to build their journey in the institution, starting from when some of the disciplines generates curiosity, until their first job, and is one of the reasons why the vast majority develop a strong bond of belonging, both with space as with their peers. But like everyone else, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to restructure immediately. In a few days, all the workshops went virtual and we reinforced our presence on social networks.

The bonding aspect is central to achieving this accompaniment, which is the first step to stimulate vocations and talents. From the institution we set out to create a work methodology that considers these new variables and that confronts them directly. This is how, since mid-2020, we have been carrying out a technological education project that is in accordance with the complex scenario that is presented to us, which allows us to combine the virtual with a regional scale and face-to-face meetings when the health context allows it.



Abasto Children’s Museum is an interactive museum that recreates the spaces of a city where children can play to be a doctor, cameraman, captain, sailor, banker, cook, broadcaster, journalist, nurse, actress, mom, dad and many more things.

The Museum proposes an enriching and alternative meeting space that integrates play, movement, perception, understanding and expression, encouraging curiosity, interest in knowing and imagination from a transforming point of view.

Based on the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, it has been designed to encourage each child to develop their own potentials: “learning by doing” and “playing and having fun learning” are fundamental concepts for us.

The Museum is dedicated to children up to 12 years of age, their families, educators and, through all of them, the community. And for the little ones, up to 3 years old, it has two soft rooms specially built to stimulate their activity.

In addition, it has an Exhibition Hall and an Auditorium where shows, film screenings, conferences, book presentations and various events are held.



By the Argentina’s Ministry of Education

Resolution No. 123


By the Secretary of Culture and Communication of the Presidency of Argentina

Resolution No. 1895


By the Secretary of Culture of the Buenos Aires City Government


By the INADI (National institute against discrimination, xenophobia and racism)


By the Secretary of Tourism of the Presidency of Argentina

Resolution No. 281


Of the Secretary of Education of the Buenos Aires City Government

Resolution No. 537



IRSA Propiedades Comerciales, through the integral coordination of the IRSA Foundation, became one of the 5 investors of the First Social Impact Bond in Argentina (together with Banco Ciudad, Banco Galicia, Organización Román and a private investor) in which The Government, the companies and the NGOs work together to generate employment conditions for extremely vulnerable youth in the city of Buenos Aires through a new methodology for measuring impact by results. An innovative financial tool for the local market that allows addressing a problem with a new approach; a public-private contract whose objective is to improve training in technical-socioemotional skills, to guide and support for the employment of 1,000 young people between 17 and 24 years old. This first experience in Argentina lays the foundations for the development of future Bonds focused on different social problems, providing relevant data and information that will open the way for the design of new inclusion programs based on the evidence generated.

On September 14, 2020, the renowned publication Environmental Finance, focused on practices related with sustainability, awarded Argentina\'s first Social Impact Bond in the “Investment of the year / Education” category, in the “Environmental Finance Awards Impact 2020”, an annually held award with the aim of recognizing the work of impact investors globally, as well as highlighting the best sustainable practices.

"Project your future" is a program that contributes to the employment of 1,000 young people between 17 and 24 years old in situations of extreme vulnerability; It is being implemented by AMIA and the Forge, Pescar and Reciduca foundations, expert organizations in addressing this problem, and coordinated by Acrux Partners. The program was tailored to meet the individual needs of the participants and includes interventions such as the development and strengthening of technical and socio-emotional skills, and mentoring and support during the job search, initial job placement and the first six months in the job. is an online publication established in 1999. It provides news and analysis on sustainable investments, green finance, and people and businesses active in environmental markets.

Currently concluding the implementation of the program, the results achieved are detailed below