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A brief review of our company


• Start of Real Estate operations in Argentina.

• Purchase Melián (DOT).

• Purchase Dorrego Silos.


• Dock V purchase


• Listed on NYSE

• Purchase: Dock 5/6/13, Palacio Alcorta

1995 - 1996

• Start of activities in the office rental market: Acquisition of three office towers located in first level office areas of Buenos Aires.

• Purchase Pereyra Iraola.

• Purchase through the subsidiary Alto Palermo (today IRSA CP), expantion of shopping center business.

• Purchase April Country Club.

• Acquisition Alto Noa.

1997 - 1998

• Land reserve: Puerto Retiro, Pilar, Santa Maria, Benavidez Land and Caballito.

• Acquisition of AAA Offices: Intercontinental Plaza Building and Coastal Buildings.

• Acquisition of Hotels: Llao Llao and Intercontinental Buenos Aires.

• Acquisition / development of Shoppings Centers.

• Majority stake in TARSHOP S.A.

1999 - 2000

• Acquisition of AAA Offices: Laminar Plaza Building.

• Acquisition of hotels: Sheraton Libertador.

• Torres Abasto Development.

• Acquisition of stake in Banco Hipotecario.

• Acquisition Patio Bullrich.


• Sale of FVI Venezuela.

• Acquisition of AAA Offices: Yacht V y VI.


• U$S 100 million: Convertible notes and IRSA guarantees.

• Debt restructuring.

• Sale of Brazil realty.

• U$S 50 million in convertible notes of APSA (today Irsa CP) and CRESUD.


• Increase in stake of Banco Hipotecario.

• Opening Alto Rosario Shopping.


• Acquisition of AAA office towers: Bouchard Building 710.

• Acquisition of majority stake in Mendoza Plaza Shopping.


• Acquisition of AAA Office towers: Dock del Plata Building.

• Acquisition: 50% Canteras Natal Crespo.

• Development: San Martin de Tours.

• Acquisition of Córdoba Shopping.

• Patio Olmos Building (operated by a third party).


• Acquisition of AAA Office Towers: Dela Paolera Building 265, República Building and Bouchard Plaza Building.

• Join Venture with Cyrela for residential development in Argentina.

• New residential development Torres Renoir.

• Solar Approval of Santa Maria.


• Development of Horizons, residential complex.

• Purchase of Lipstick office building in the USA.

• Purchase of land reserves: Beruti and Luján.

• Acquisition of AAA building tower: Bank Boston.

• Acquisition of participation in Hersha (Hospitality Trust Reit hotel in the US).

• Construction of Dique IV.

• Sale of IRSA Stock for U$S 65 million.

• Opening Dot Baires Shopping.


• Acquisition of Offices.

• 50% of Quality Invest. Pre-owned Nobleza Piccardo plant in San Martin (CABA).

• Acquisition Soleil Premium Outlet.


• Participation in Supertel Hospitality Inc (Hotel Reit in USA).

• Acquisition of indirect participation in the La Rural S.A. fairgrounds.

• Acquisition of Ribera Shopping.


• Sale (total and partial) of several buildings in Buenos Aires.

• Sale Madison building in the USA

Purchase of major holding in Israel:

• Telecommunications: Cellcom Israel (including 013 Netvision).

• Financial: Clal Insurance.

• Agrochemistry: Adama.

• Technology: Elron.

• Real Estate: Property & Building / Gav-Yam.

• Supermarket: Shufersal.

• Irsa Commercial Properties (continuator of APSA) is born.

• Transfer of the AAA Office portfolio from IRSA to IRSACP.

Openings shopping malls:

• Arcos Premium Outlet District (CABA).

• Alto Comahue Shopping (Neuquén).

• Purchase of property bordering Cordoba Shopping.


• Sale of ADAMA, IDB Agrochemical Company.

• Reorganization of CONDOR (Ex Supertel) new Senior Management: name change and new strategy.

• Purchase of Del Plata office building in Bs.As.

• Issuance of International Bond  for U$$ 360 thousand.

• Additional acquisition at La Rural S.A.

Launch of 3 real estate projects:

• Alto Palermo Shopping expansion.

• First Office Park Polo Dot (75% rented to Mercado Libre and Falabella).

• Torre Catalinas Building (35 thousand m2) in Puerto Madero.


• Expansion works under development (Alto Avellaneda expansion, new Zara store in Alto Rosario, new Sodimac store in Mendoza Plaza and new cinemas in Alto Comahue).

• Purchase of Philips office building.


• Concession of DIRECTV Arena.

• Purchase of La Plata property for mixed use development.

• Concession expiration of Buenos Aires Design and delivery of the property.

• Concession Exhibition and Convention Center Buenos Aires and Punta del Este

2019 - 2020

Real estate project:

• First Office Park Polo Dot (100% rented to Mercado Libre and Falabella).

• 200 Della Paolera Building (35 thousand m2) in Puerto Madero

2021 - 2022

• Capital increase at IRSA

• Merger with IRSA Propiedades Comerciales as merged company

• Approval of Costa Urbana project

• Sale of 3 office buildings (Bouchard 710, Republica and Boston Tower) and several floors of Della Paolera building

• Recovery of the post-pandemic rental business

2023 - 2024

• Paseo Colón 245 Building Purchase

• Credit Rating Update

• Suipacha 652/664 Building Sale

• Quality Invest S.A. Sale (San Martin Plot of Land)

• 261 Della Paolera Floors Sale

• Ezpeleta Land Plot Barter Agreement