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  • Buenos Aires Convention Center (Concession)
  • Buenos Aires

The Convention Center is characterized by its building quality, architectural originality and the versatility of its column-free interior spaces. It has capacity for approximately 5,000 people, with a plenary room and an auxiliary room, offices, meeting places and a 1,600 sqm lobby. It consists of three underground levels to prolong the landscape of the property between the UBA Law School and Thays Park. In total, it has an outdoor park of 18 thousand square meters. The Center was built from a sustainable perspective, with lighting that saves electricity, irrigation with rainwater and solar panels outside. Strategically located in the heart of Recoleta, it has easy access through different bus lines, public or personal bicycles, the future subway station (Line H) and ample parking for private cars.

IRSA indirectly holds a 54.25% interest in the Joint Venture agreement.