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Board of Directors

We are managed by a Board of Directors. Our by-laws provide that our Board of Directors will consist of a minimum of eight and a maximum of fourteen regular directors and a like or lesser number of alternate directors. Our directors are elected for three-year terms by a majority vote of our shareholders at a general ordinary shareholders’ meeting and may be reelected indefinitely.

Currently our Board of directors is composed of twelve regular directors and four alternate directors. Alternate directors will be summoned to exercise their functions in case of absence, vacancy or death of a regular director or until a new director is designated.

The table below shows information about our regular directors and alternate directors:

Eduardo S. Elsztain01/26/1960Chairman202120241991
Mr. Elsztain has been engaged in the real estate business for more than thirty years. He is the chairman of the board of Directors of CRESUD, IRSA Propiedades Comerciales, Banco Hipotecario S.A., BrasilAgro Companhia Brasileira de Propiedades Agrícolas, Austral Gold Ltd., Consultores Assets Management S.A., among other companies. He also Chairs IRSA Foundation, is a member of the World Economic Forum, the Council of the Americas, the Group of 50 and the Argentine Business Association (AEA), among others. He is co-founder of Endeavor Argentina and serves as VicePresident of the World Jewish Congress. Mr. Eduardo Sergio Elsztain is Fernando Adrián Elsztain’s cousin and Alejandro Gustavo Elsztain’s and Daniel Ricardo Elsztain’s brother.
Saúl Zang12/30/1945First Vice-Chairman202120241994
Mr. Zang obtained a law degree from the University of Buenos Aires. He is a member of the International Bar Association and of the Interamerican Federation of Lawyers. He was a founding partner of Zang, Bergel & Viñes Law Firm. Mr. Zang is Vice-chairman of CRESUD, IRSA CP, Consultores Assets Management S.A. and other companies like Fibesa S.A. and Chairman at Puerto Retiro S.A. He is also director of Banco Hipotecario S.A., BrasilAgro Companhia Brasileira de Propiedades Agrícolas, BACS Banco de Crédito & Securitización S.A., Tarshop S.A., Nuevas Fronteras S.A., and Palermo Invest S.A., among other companies.
Alejandro G. Elsztain03/31/1966Second Vice-Chairman202220252001
Alejandro Elsztain graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires. He then completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in June 1999. He is currently serving as II Vice President of IRSA, CEO of CRESUD and Executive Vice President of IRSA CP. He is also director of BrasilAgro, a Brazilian agricultural company.
Fernando A. Elsztain01/04/1961Regular Director202020231999
Mr. Elsztain studied architecture at Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has been engaged in the real estate business as a consultant and as managing officer of a real estate company. He is chairman of the Board of Directors of Palermo Invest S.A. and Nuevas Fronteras S.A. He is also a director of Hoteles Argentinos S.A. and Llao Llao Resorts S.A., and an alternate director of Puerto Retiro S.A. Mr. Fernando Adrián Elsztain is cousin of our Chairman, Eduardo Sergio Elsztain, and our Directors Alejandro Gustavo Elsztain and Daniel Ricardo Elsztain.
David Williams12/07/1955Regular Director202220252005
Mr. Williams has a B.A. from Tufts University and a J.D. degree from Georgetown University School of Law. He has focused on cross-border corporate transactions in Latin America for more than 25 years. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions, corporate and project financings, restructurings, corporate governance and other complex corporate matters.
Mauricio Wior10/23/1956Regular Director202120242006
Mr. Wior obtained a master’s degree in finance, as well as a bachelors’ degree in economics and accounting from Tel Aviv University in Israel. Mr. Wior is currently a director of Banco Hipotecario S.A., TGLT S.A., Vice-president of Shufersal and President of BHN Sociedad de Inversión S.A. He has held positions at Bellsouth where he was Vice President for Latin America from 1995 to 2004. Mr. Wior was also CEO of Movicom Bellsouth from 1991 to 2004. In addition, he led the operations of various cellular phone companies in Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. He was president of Asociación Latinoamericana de Celulares (ALCACEL); the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Argentina and the Israeli-Argentine Chamber of Commerce. He was a director of Instituto para el Desarrollo Empresarial de la Argentina (IDEA), Fundación de Investigaciones Económicas Latinoamericanas (FIEL) and Tzedaka.
Daniel Ricardo Elsztain12/22/1972Regular Director202020232007
Mr. Elsztain obtained a degree in economic sciences at Torcuato Di Tella University and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Austral University IAE. He has been the Company Chief Operating Officer since 2011. He previously held the position of Commercial and Marketing Manager and has been in charge of the real estate investments in New York between 2008 and 2001. He is also Chairman of Entertainment Holdings S.A., Entretenimiento Universal S.A., Boulevard Norte S.A. and Ogden Argentina S.A., as well as director of IRSA, Condor Hospitality Trust, among other companies. Mr. Elsztain is Mr. Eduardo Sergio Elsztain’s and Mr. Alejandro Gustavo Elsztain’s brother and Fernando Adrian Elsztain’s cousin.
Maria Julia Bearzi11/15/1975Regular Director202220252019
Ms. Bearzi has a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata. He has a history of more than 15 years working for entrepreneurial development at the Endeavor Foundation. She was responsible for Institutional Development and since 2016 she is the Executive Director of this organization. In addition, for 3 years she was an associate professor of the subject of Entrepreneurial Development at the UMET (Universidad Metropolitana para la Educación y el Trabajo). He led the Entrepreneurship by Endeavor program at the Argentine Catholic University and the UTDT Factory entrepreneurial training course at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.
Oscar Pedro Bergotto07/19/1943Regular Director202220232019
Mr. Bergotto has worked as auditor at the Banco de la Nación Argentina and CFO in Isaac Elsztain e Hijos SCA. Between 1987 and 2008 he worked as treasury in IRSA Inversiones y Representaciones S.A. He also served as attorney-at-law for Cresud.
Liliana Luisa de Nadai01/11/1959Regular Director202220252019
Ms. De Nadai has a degree in accounting from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Since 2003, Ms. De Nadai has advised many companies, banks and brokers in accounting, tax and AML standards. Along her career, Ms. De Nadai has attended to many courses of professional practice from the Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas of the City of Buenos Aires.
Ben Iosef Elsztain01/16/1997Regular Director202120242021
Mrs. Elsztain studied Social Media at ORT Technical School. He founded and was Commercial Manager of Torch Argentina until 2017. He is also a director of Soluciones de Seguridad Vial S.A as representative of the Israeli Mobileye. He is the son of our chairman Eduardo S. Elsztain and Mariana R. Carmona; brother of Ilan and Iair Elsztain; nephew of Alejandro G. and Daniel R. Elsztain
Nicolás Bendersky04/21/1983Regular Director202220232022
Mr. Bendersky has a degree in Economics and a Master's degree in Finance from CEMA University. He began his career in 2001 in the Corporate Finance department at IRSA and CRESUD and between 2004 and 2014, he held various positions at Consultores Asset Management where he currently serves as CIO. Between 2015 and 2021, he had been member of the board of numerous leading public and private companies in Israel and is currently a regular member of the Board of Directors of CRESUD
Gastón Armando Lernoud06/04/1968Alternate Director202020232014
Mr. Lernoud obtained a law degree in Universidad El Salvador in 1992. He obtained a Master in Corporate Law in Universidad de Palermo in 1996. He has been senior associate in Zang, Bergel & Viñes Law Firm until June 2002, when he joined CRESUD as legal counsel.
Gabriel A. G. Reznik11/18/1958Alternate Director202220252019
Mr. Reznik obtained a degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad de Buenos Aires. He worked for the Company from 1992 until May 2005, when he resigned. He had previously worked for an independent construction company in Argentina. He is regular director of Banco Hipotecario S.A.
Iair Elsztain 03/05/1995Alternate Director202020232020
Mr. Elsztain is currently studying for a degree in industrial engineering at the UADE Faculty of Engineering. He previously served as general manager at Iaacob House Hostel, he is currently working on the Israel Startup Experience (ISE) Entrepreneurship Project, which offers travel for young people with experience in Israel. He has also interned at Olive Tree Venture Capital (Tel Aviv), an investment fund dedicated to companies in the technology and healthcare industry. Mr. Ilan Elsztain is the son of our chairman, Eduardo Sergio Elsztain and Mariana R. Carmona, brother of Ilan and Ben Iosef Elsztain, nephew of Alejandro Gustavo Elsztain.
Oscar Marcos Barylka06/29/1945Alternate Director202220242022

(1) The term of office of Board members shall be in force until a Shareholders’ Meeting is called to renew their powers and/or to appoint new Board members.

Oscar Pedro Bergotto, Maria Julia Bearzi, Liliana Luisa De Nadai and David Williams are independent directors, pursuant to CNV Rules.

Employment Contracts with our Directors

We do not have written contracts with our Directors. However, Messrs. Eduardo Sergio Elsztain, Saúl Zang, Alejandro Gustavo Elsztain, Daniel Ricardo Elsztain and Fernando Elsztain are employed by our Company under the Labor Contract Law No. 20,744. In addition, our alternate director Gastón Armando Lernoud rendered services under the corporate services agreement. Law No. 20,744 governs certain conditions of the labor relationship, including remuneration, protection of wages, hours of work, holidays, paid leave, maternity protection, minimum age requirements, protection of young workers and suspension and termination of the contract.

Executive Committee

Pursuant to our by-laws, our day-to-day business is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of five regular Directors and one alternate director, among which there should be the chairman, first vice-chairman and second vice-chairman of the board of Directors. The current members of the Executive Committee are Messrs. Eduardo Sergio Elsztain, Saúl Zang, Alejandro Elsztain and Fernando Elsztain, as regular members. The Executive Committee meets as needed by our business, or at the request of one or more of its members.

The executive committee is responsible for the management of the daily business pursuant to the authority delegated by the Board of Directors in accordance with applicable laws and our by-laws. Pursuant to Section 269 of the Argentine Corporations Law, the Executive Committee is only responsible for the management of the day-to-day business. Our by-laws authorize the Executive Committee to: