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The following table contains a breakdown of our indebtedness as of 12-31-2021:

Description Currency Amount(1) Interest Rate Maturity
Bank overdrafts ARS 54.4 Floating < 360 days
PAMSA Loan USD 13.5 Fixed Feb-23
Series X Non-Convertible Notes ARS 6.8 Fixed Mar-22
Series V Non-Convertible Notes USD 9.2 9.0% May-22
Series II Non-Convertible Notes USD 356.0 8.75% Mar-23
Series IX Non-Convertible Notes USD 51.5 10.0% Mar-23
Series I Non-Convertible Notes USD 3.1 10.0% Mar-23
Series VIII Non-Convertible Notes USD 18.0 10.0% Nov-23
Series XI Non-Convertible Notes USD 12.8 5.0% Mar-24
Series XII Non-Convertible Notes ARS 41.6 Fixed Mar-24
Series XIII Non-Convertible Notes USD 31.2 3.9% Aug-24
Other debt USD 3.9 - Feb-22
IRSA’s Total Debt   602.0    
Cash & Cash Equivalents + Investments (2) USD 101.2    
IRSA’s Net Debt   500.8    

(1)    Principal amount in USD (million) at an exchange rate of ARS 102.72/USD, without considering accrued interest or eliminations of balances with subsidiaries.

(2)    Includes Cash and cash equivalents, Investments in Current Financial Assets and related companies notes holding.