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The following table contains a breakdown of our indebtedness as of 09-30-2022:

Description Currency Amount(1) Interest Rate Maturity
Bank overdrafts ARS 8.8 Floating < 360 days
PAMSA Loan USD 5.4 Fixed Feb-23
Series II Non-Convertible Notes (3) USD 121.0 8.75% Mar-23
Series IX Non-Convertible Notes USD 56.1 10.0% Mar-23
Series I Non-Convertible Notes USD 3.1 10.0% Mar-23
Series VIII Non-Convertible Notes USD 20.4 10.0% Nov-23
Series XI Non-Convertible Notes USD 12.8 5.0% Mar-24
Series XII Non-Convertible Notes ARS 47.8 Fixed Mar-24
Series XIII Non-Convertible Notes USD 29.6 3.9% Aug-24
Series XIV Non-Convertible Notes USD 156.0 8.75% Jun-28
IRSA’s Total Debt   461.0    
Cash & Cash Equivalents + Investments (2) USD 154.6    
IRSA’s Net Debt   306.4    

(1) Principal amount in USD (million) at an exchange rate of ARS 102.72/USD, without considering accrued interest or eliminations of balances with subsidiaries.

(2) Includes Cash and cash equivalents, Investments in Current Financial Assets and related companies notes holding.

(3) Originally issued by IRSA CP. On July 6, the exchange of the Series II Notes was completed and on July 8, being the settlement date, the Notes were partially cancelled, leaving an outstanding amount of USD 121 million.