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Analyst coverage


Company Analyst Contact Recommendation Tgt Px Date
Allaria Ledesma y Cia Rodrigo Andres Reyes Molina 54 (11) 5555 6000 Buy 10.00 09/30/22
Banco BTG Pactual SA Gordon Lee 1 646 924 2473 Buy 6.70 09/28/22
Balanz Esteban Arrieta 54 (11) 6597 7322 Buy 5.90 01/04/22
Morgan Stanley Nikolaj Lippmann 52 55 5282 6778 Hold   10.00 01/24/20
Nau Securities Ltd Pedro Baptista 44 (20) 7947 5510 Hold   13.50 07/02/19


Company Analyst Contact Number
BCP Securities Matías Castagnino +34913106980
Bank of America Securities Peter Bowley +16468552665
AdCap Securities Maria Moyano Hidalgo +5491123550977

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