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Green buildings


As part of our strategy, we seek to achieve high standards of environmental certification in our real estate projects, with the aim of having a modern and sustainable portfolio. The Company’s new projects incorporate sustainability standards and criteria adapted to the activity and expected commercial destination, such as systems for the use of rainwater and condensate water, the slowing down of rainwater discharge, the increase of green spaces, facilities and equipment with more efficient technologies, among others.


Our shopping malls located in the City of Buenos Aires are part of the Circular Economy Network, an initiative of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, which generates an articulated workspace between the different actors that are part of society (companies, NGOs and universities) to build a more sustainable city.



Adherence to this initiative implies our commitment and effort to work on different actions that strengthen recycling and promote the circular economy. As part of this initiative, the Ministry of Public Space and Urban Hygiene of the City of Buenos Aires granted the Green Seal to Alto Palermo shopping mall, the first shopping mall to achieve this certification with a 2-star rating, which implies good practices and commitment to responsible waste management. The certification process included training for both tenants and personnel and audits conducted by the City Government. We are currently recertifying Alto Palermo shopping mall, inviting tenants to join us with their own waste management, which is another step in the certification process. Soon, we will add Dot Baires, Alcorta and Patio Bullrich to become the next shopping malls with the Green Seal. These actions not only benefit the shopping malls, but also encourage some tenants to certify this Seal. In this way, we help a greater number of companies to become part of the Circular Economy Network.





naugurated in May 2019, located in the Polo Dot shopping complex in the north area of the City of Buenos Aires, achieved the Leed Gold Core & Shell certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, surpassing its SILVER pre-certification. Based on this certification, it was established the duty to report the water and energy consumption of the building for a period of five years, in search of a better management of natural resources.


The Company is pleased to announce that its latest development, the "200 Della Paolera" building, located in Catalinas Norte, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, has achieved LEED Gold Core & Shell certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

This certification, renowned in the sector and highly valued by the market, recognizes the company\'s commitment to sustainable real estate development, incorporating into construction aspects related to energy efficiency, improvement of indoor environmental quality, water consumption efficiency, the sustainable development of the free spaces of the plot and the selection and recycling of materials.

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