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Sustainable Suppliers & Tenants



Our main tenants in shopping malls and offices are working on their sustainability plans with concrete actions and demands in terms of services and modern, technological and sustainable rental spaces.

Throughout our history, we have developed close, long-term relationships with our mall tenants through various innovative initiatives. We carry out events, trips and endof-year celebrations with awards ceremony.

In 2022, we are incorporating a new category: “Sustainability“. We will evaluate, together with a specialized consultant, the actions of all our tenants in shopping malls and we will choose the “most sustainable brand”. The winner will receive a prize that represents a significant benefit to promote all others to implement sustainable actions in their stores.


The Company purchases and/or contracts with suppliers of goods and services. Our supplier companies can be small regional companies as well as multinationals, 98% of them of national origin.

The relationship between the Company and its suppliers is in accordance with market conditions: the best purchasing or contracting alternatives allow the comparison of different proposals, as long as they meet the expected service and/or technical requirements, both in the case of goods and services, in search of better values, for both shareholders and for its tenants

The General Purchasing and Contracting Policy determines the general guidelines for action and management regarding purchases and contracting of goods and services. All purchases must be made with objective and auditable criteria, and be registered in the system, as well as approved by the corresponding level and supported by a document that formalizes and details the obligations of the parties.

In turn, the Purchasing and Contracting Procedure establishes the criteria for action and administration, and establishes that, at the time of contracting, it must be considered that the supplier has socially and environmentally responsible practices and demonstrates its commitment to ethical conduct, complying with the Company’s internal policies and procedures.

All suppliers and contractors must comply with labor, health and safety regulations, technical regulations, and environmental qualifications and practices applicable to their activity. To provide services, suppliers must present documents indicating their compliance and are periodically audited on occupational safety issues. On a monthly basis, they are audited for compliance with legal social security requirements for large contractors (e.g., cleaning, security, and construction).