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Energy, Water & Waste



We monitor the water and the energy consumption of all our properties on a monthly basis, and every year we analyze new projects to ensure water saving and reuse. We also implement awareness-raising actions for the general public and our personnel, through posters and installations to promote water saving.

Below, you will find different initiatives that are carried out with respect to the theme:


Distrito Arcos is an open-air shopping mall, with plant beds that are irrigated with rainwater. On rainy days, the water is collected in underground tanks and used to 1 For 2021, the reported water and energy consumption data differ from those published in the Sustainability Report due to a change in the calculation methodology. 2 The Company has not been identified as having incurred in relevant non-compliance with environmental regulations in the urban real estate business. In all cases, the Company works together with the national, provincial and municipal control authorities to make the appropriate adjustments in the event that any violation is detected. More information at: irrigate the plant beds on the days when it does not rain. The chosen irrigation system is drip irrigation, as it is highly efficient. In the latest office buildings developed by the Company, 200 Della Paolera and the Zetta Building, rainwater is also used to irrigate the plant beds. In the toilets of our facilities, low-consumption sanitary fixtures and fittings are chosen, through the installation of timers, infrared sensors and aerators, making an efficient use of the resource.


During fiscal year 2021, the assets were partially operated due to the COVID-19 pandemic with a consequent reduction in water consumption.


We implemented awareness-raising actions for the general public and our personnel, through posters and installations such as led lights, motion sensors, and improvements in heating systems, to promote and guarantee energy savings. We monitor the energy consumption of all our establishments on a monthly basis. At the same time, every year, new projects are analyzed, and, on an ongoing basis, actions are taken to minimize consumption, which include:

In turn, photovoltaic panels will be installed in the Alto Palermo, Distrito Arcos, DOT and Alto Rosario shopping malls. These will work in parallel with the grid (on-grid system) without the need to use batteries, i.e., the on-grid system means that all the energy generated is injected directly into the grid. The use of renewable energy avoids the use of fossil fuels, thus helping to reduce the generation of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.


It is worth mentioning that during fiscal year 2021 the assets were partially operated due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the consequent reduction in electricity consumption. 


We are working on waste management, both internally and externally, promoting waste reduction and being pioneers in recycling management. In all our shopping malls, separation is carried out at source, in the two fractions: wet (non-recyclable) and dry (recyclable). In four of them (Alto Rosario, Alcorta, Alto Palermo and Arcos Districts), a third fraction called organic, generated in the preparation of food from gastronomic stores, is separated. This waste is collected by the municipalities for composting.

We are working on a waste management system that allows us to recycle a significant fraction of the material produced in our properties. At the same time, we are developing new ways and opportunities to integrate with social organizations and cooperatives in order to value the recovered materials. Recyclable materials are collected four times a week or even daily. We work with cooperatives and local organizations that, through the collection, classification and commercialization of recyclable materials, allow the neighbors to find a means of subsistence and a source of income.