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Customer Service


The communication strategy with our customers is integrated through the Contact Center, which provides human and personal contact in pursuit of customer satisfaction. The Call Center was transformed into Contact Center, to manage the omnichannel, being aware of the assertiveness, effectiveness and scope of each channel and platform, and how it integrates with other systems of the organization. The close and concise relationship with customers provides both with the information and service they need. The relationship of trust is not only through certain online services, but also through human contact by telephone or WhatsApp, which will give the customer greater security, leading to customer loyalty. The Contact Center enhances two-way communication between customers and the organization.

Conectados con VOS is IRSA’s Contact Center, from where we manage interactions with our customers through several customer service channels (social networks, telephone, e-mails and telepresence, among others).

As of 2021, we worked together with ENTA Consulting, in order to create new processes and define KPIs and tools to streamline our customer service. At the beginning of the reporting period, we integrated external platforms (IVR, Bot) with our CRM, to have more information on our customers, in order to analyze and collaborate in decision-making and optimize services on an ongoing basis. These improvements have changed our customers’ perception of service quality: the Contact Center’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) has increased over the last year, reaching more than 70 and achieving the defined KPI objectives.