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We work with the communities in which our business units operate, respecting the interests of both parties, balanced with our economic, environmental, and social values. We understand that our shopping malls are a window that showcases not only our values, but also those of the major brands that occupy each space within each store. The passage of more than one hundred million people per year represents a great advantage and a huge responsibility for the communication of our community activities, being the ideal place to disseminate, make visible and raise awareness of issues of interest to society and act accordingly.

In addition, year after year, we get involved with numerous civil society organizations to promote the purpose of helping those who need it most. We invite our personnel to be part of different actions, with the dual purpose of helping and raising awareness about the need to get involved with the community. Through IRSA Foundation, the donations made by all the Group’s personnel to public welfare entities of their choice are tripled.


From February 18 to 20, we carried out the “Back to School” solidarity action. The central theme of the campaign was education and, therefore, we chose 13 NGOs that are dedicated to promoting the education of hundreds of students of all ages and that work with the communities near the Company’s shopping malls. Each NGO had a space in their nearby shopping mall and was able to showcase their work through educational games and workshops. In this campaign, we collaborated so that 3,300 boys and girls could return to school happy and with the necessary equipment.

Activities were developed with 3rd, 4th and 5th year students of both secondary school shifts, with the purpose of bringing new pedagogical tools and promoting the bonds of the educational community inside and outside the school. 145 students participated in the workshops on Reflection and Action towards Voting for Young People and 8 teachers supported the workshops, strengthening their knowledge of tools and concepts for critical citizen participation. 80 young people received didactic pieces to carry out community projects, reinforcing initiatives being carried out within the school. 88 young people and 10 teachers attended and participated in the Film Discussion in Dot Baires Shopping . 15 directors, teachers and tutors were involved in the actions we carried out during the year. We closed the year with a day of film discussion at Dot Baires Shopping and, afterwards, we invited the students to lunch at McDonald’s.

We invited our personnel to participate in a volunteer program with Leer Foundation. We recorded and edited stories for boys and girls in audiobook format. These stories were published on a virtual platform of the foundation, where millions of families enter every day to teach their children how to read. Teachers also enter this platform and use the material to teach their students.

In March, at Alto Palermo shopping mall, we invited families to participate in reading workshops and games for children to support the start of school. In addition, we collaborated so that students from Villa 21-24 in Barracas can have supplies to go back to school.

We supported Leer Foundation in its 25th anniversary and we joined the campaign “Reading empowers you”, with the purpose of promoting reading as a way of strengthening children’s capacities, confidence, vision and empowerment. Literacy and access to the practice of reading, from the first years of life, strengthen people in personal, social, educational and economic terms. We communicated the campaign on the social networks of all our shopping malls.



With the aim of supporting and strengthening the community of Rodrigo Bueno, we support different social investment projects. One of the chosen ones was carried out with the Dibago team, putting together an annual activity plan. In a first stage, the activities to be carried out in the coming months, the purchase of materials and the hiring of professionals and teachers were planned. Workshops are planned for the production of football shirts, boots, balls, the organization of a community event (festival or championship) and corporate volunteer days.

 This proposal was intended to enhance the value of the neighborhood football field. The activity was carried out with the “Gestar Barrio Rodrigo Bueno” Work Cooperative, generating work for its members. The field was refurbished and painted, 5 outdoor floodlights were purchased as well as high traffic paint, paint to mark out the field, football and volleyball goal nets, and football and volleyball balls for the whole community to use.

We financed the annual circus project at the Saavedra public primary school “Dr. Ignacio Lucas Albarracin”, next to the Dot Baires Shopping, with circus classes for students from 3rd to 7th grade. Most of the students who attend this institution are neighbors of Mitre Neighborhood. The presence of the circus improved school attendance by families and also improved relations between students.

We celebrated Children’s Day together with Children’s Villages in Abasto Shopping and Alto Palermo, and Pelota de Trapo Foundation in Alto Avellaneda. The NGOs prepared games for the families and handed out books and other gifts.

At our headquarters and in Alto Avellaneda shopping mall, together with SÍ Foundation, our personnel and visitors from the shopping malls assembled 150 toys for boys and girls in children’s homes and soup kitchens.

In commemoration of Arbor Day, together with the NGO Un Árbol we carried out a large collective planting of native species of the ecosystem of the Río de la Plata, understanding the ecological importance they have for the environment. During the planting day, we invited our visitors to participate by planting and, in addition, the NGO provided environmental education workshops and handed out kits to save the world and plantable pencils.


In December 2021, we returned to face-to-face volunteering and we did it at the Nursery School No. 8, ‘Caminito’, located behind DOT Baires Shopping mall. Together with the personnel, we refurbished the garden of the school by recycling elements donated by the shopping mall and painted the facilities. We were supported by Vivera Orgánica, a cooperative that promotes gender equality. It is made up of a group of 14 women from the Rodrigo Bueno Neighborhood, who are dedicated to promoting agroecology and native plant workshops, in addition to selling them; we were also supported by the NGO Un Árbol, who are dedicated to environmental education through workshops, training and planting native species, with whom we have been working for years. The school teachers participated in the work and training.

We carried out an activation called “Set up your vegetable garden with F Ruta 40 Foundation” in Alto Comahue, where we made known the work of the Foundation and handed out pots and seeds so that customers could start their own vegetable garden at home.



Within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the celebration of World Environment Day, established by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness about the importance of natural resources and their preservation, we financed the “Vivera” project, located in the Rodrigo Bueno Neighborhood, next to Costa Urbana. The contribution allows continuing the training process by professionals from the NGO Un Árbol, in order to consolidate its development as an organization, sustain the income for the members and start the process of autonomy where the cooperative does not depend on the support of the State or the NGO. The cooperative is made up of 14 low-income women, who produce more than 7,000 native plants per year and maintain a vegetable garden for self-consumption.

The Family and Community Strengthening House (Casa de Fortalecimiento Familiar y Comunitario, CAFF) has been working since 1999 to guarantee the integral fulfillment of the rights of children, focusing on early childhood, in order to strengthen their future and development in the neighborhoods of the District of Tigre. They requested help for the general support of the organization, so we made a monetary contribution, with the aim of helping them in their task of caring for children.

La Barca provides a place, attention and assistance to young people so that they feel contained, cared for and can finish and continue with their studies. They have two locations, one in Munro and the other in Don Torcuato. They asked us for help to improve the facilities and we collaborated with a donation to change the roof of the gallery. ENTREPRENEURS’ FAIR We invited the women who participate in the sewing workshops at MediaPila Foundation to sell their products in Alto Palermo shopping mall. In this way, they were able to participate in a sales environment within the shopping mall and empower their work. Sales were so good that all the businesses sold out of their products.

In the framework of the World Refugee Day (June 20), members of UNHCR were present in Alto Palermo recruiting members for their organization. UNHCR works to ensure that people who have had to flee against their will from a country where they have reason to fear persecution receive assistance and protection in a host country.



IRSA Foundation was created in 1996, with the purpose of generating programs and supporting initiatives that promote the integral development of people, with a special focus on education, human well-being and social inclusion. Likewise, it supports more than 60 organizations in society, with the conviction that only through joint work and networking can the real changes necessary to achieve full citizenship and an equitable and inclusive society be achieved.

The work of IRSA Foundation is framed in 4 pillars of action, which open innovative directions in the construction of a sense of community. These pillars are:


EDUCATION: It promotes training, cultural learning and research in education, to enhance the development of people. The intention is to offer support and develop projects that provide new training opportunities in formal and non-formal education for the growth of society. Together with other social organizations, it works for the recognition of the value of identity and respect for diversity, financing, since its inception, the “Education Observatory”, to obtain statistical data on the Education in Argentina with evidence, consensus and social collaboration. In addition, for the last 6 years, it has been promoting the training of young professionals in technical and undergraduate courses that integrate the health care system in Argentina, with special focus on nutrition, early childhood and nursing.

HUMAN WELL-BEING: Human well-being is understood as an aspect that goes through the whole person and brings them closer to their needs for access to information, material, psychological, affective and emotional goods, inspiring to lead a dignified life, good health, food and good social relationships. IRSA Foundation seeks to focus on research and assistance in order to contribute to reduce the differences in a context concerned about health. Since 2014, it invests in improving hospital equipment and providing stateof-the-art devices and health supplies to hospitals and health centers in our country. COMMUNITIES SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Education Human Well-being Integration and Inclusion Social Empowerment IRSA FOUNDATION

IRSA Foundation (together with other entities) financed the creation of The GDFE Health Observatory, an initiative that seeks to contribute to the building of public-private consensus for the design, implementation and sustainability of State policies with health rationality, perspective of rights and proven effectiveness. Also, with the aim of helping the most vulnerable populations to have a healthy diet, it allocates economic resources to more than 20 community kitchens and 2,900 people, so that they can supplement their monthly food with fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products, and to provide them with cleaning and personal hygiene items.

INTEGRATION AND INCLUSION: It contributes, with special interest, in an area of concern to society, in the context of an economic and health crisis, with two specific lines of action, associated with Employability and Violence. Employability, associated with the set of skills and talents that enable a person to find and keep a job. Focusing on the age group over 40 years old, generating new opportunities for job placement and reinvention. Violence, through research and generating evidence that can contribute to the updating and improvement of the public policy system. Since 2021, IRSA Foundation has been the main investor in the creation of the first “Observatory on Early Childhood Abuse Management Practices”. During the first year, together with Red por la Infancia, a first survey was conducted on the current regulatory framework and public policies on all forms of violence that have an impact on the lives of children and adolescents. At the end of its first stage, the aim is to gather evidence in order to contribute to the construction of a diagnosis of the situation and identify the degree of normative development, the pending challenges at the legislative level, the degree of progress in public policies and in the administration of justice, in terms of protection of children against violence. The need to influence on 4 fundamental axes was confirmed, in order to generate a virtuous circle that produces systemic changes in prevention and response:


SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT: It strengthens the institutional capacity of non-profit organizations through cooperation and partnership. In this regard, IRSA Foundation supports social organizations throughout the country so that they can achieve their mission, grow and develop. Since March, for example, more than 1,060 warm clothes and 170 items were delivered to 5 foundations and NGOs through the “Revaluation of Materials” program, in which the Foundation collects and classifies finds (lost objects of customers in shopping malls) to distribute them later. It also continues with the internal MultipliDAR program, through which all IRSA Group companies’ personnel are offered the possibility of multiplying their personal donations to civil society organizations in their area of reference, in order to strengthen their solidarity initiative. Through this program, the amount that the employee has previously donated to the organization is matched, doubled or tripled.

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Puerta 18 Foundation is a free space for artistic and technological creation for young people from 13 to 24 years old. Through a non-formal education proposal, it encourages young people to develop their skills, vocations and talents through the multiple resources offered by technology.

Throughout its 15 years, more than 5,000 young people have been trained for free and, today, more than 250 have found employment in areas related to their training at the institution. Two years ago, for pursuing objectives of “common good”, the foundation achieved the recognition of the Superintendence of Corporations (IGJ) so that, through article 81c, donations received can be deductible from profits, favoring more companies to join and amplifying the impact.

Our approach is based on placing the young person at the center of the proposal, which revolves around their interests and needs, and where educators act as facilitators using technology as a tool. Some of the disciplines we work with are: Graphic Design, Photography, UX, Programming, Integrated Video Production, 3D Modeling and Animation, Video Games and Robotics, among others.

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The Abasto Children’s Museum is an interactive museum that recreates the spaces of a city where children can play at being a doctor, cameraman, captain, sailor, banker, cook, broadcaster, journalist, nurse, actress, mom, dad and much more. It proposes an enriching and alternative meeting space that integrates play, movement, perception, understanding and expression, encouraging curiosity, interest in learning and imagination from a transforming point of view.

The museum is dedicated to boys and girls up to 12 years old, their families and educators, and, through all of them, to the community in general. For the youngest children (up to 3 years old), it has two soft rooms, specially built to stimulate their activity. It also has an Exhibition Hall and an Auditorium, where shows, film screenings, conferences, book presentations and various events are held.



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