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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

With the aim of continuing to work on diversity, we have established links with different organizations, such as: ADEEI, IDEL, AMIA, Forge Foundation, Diagonal and Puerta 18 Foundation. We created two internal networks of volunteers, the Disability Network and the Gender Network, which work to promote gender equality and inclusion in the Company. At the beginning of 2021, we created a Diversity Committee reporting directly to the Ethics Committee. It receives complaints related to situations of harassment, mistreatment or violence in the workplace, based on gender or sexual orientation.

Committed to providing a diverse work environment based on fairness, trust, tolerance and respect, we developed a guide for dealing with situations of disrespectful treatment, harassment or violence in the workplace, which is complementary to the Code of Ethics. Its implementation was carried out through virtual meetings, whose participation was mandatory for all collaborators of the Company.


We continue to develop our program in coordination with different organizations, in pursuit of the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

During the first half of fiscal year 2022, we continued with training for the ADEEI Association and the IDEL Foundation, and we held a workshop on the basic use of LinkedIn, with approximately 100 participants. At the end of the year, the Network supported the process of incorporating a person from ADEEI as a Contact Center Representative for the Real Estate Business. In August 2021, the LinkedIn workshop was repeated again, aimed at new members of these organizations, and during August and September 2022, workshops were held on the use of Instagram, Excel course and financial education.

A report was requested from the Commission for the Full Participation and Inclusion of People with Disabilities (COPIDIS) on accessibility for people with disabilities in the headquarters building. We are in the process of sharing this report with the Works area, in order to make the modifications indicated in the report. COPIDIS also conducted a training session with the Human Resources area, where they worked on the main characteristics to take into account when conducting job interviews with people with disabilities.

After a year 2020 interrupted by the pandemic, in 2021 we again obtained the TeACEPTO certificate in the Abasto Shopping Mall. This was granted by the Autism Parents Association of Argentina (APADEA): days and hours with reduced stimuli were established, where the intensity of the lights and the volume of the music in the environment are lowered, and the personnel was trained to provide personalized attention to people with ASD and their families.

In January, a talk was held for the Abasto Shopping Mall Security team (own and third party), focusing on the treatment of people with disabilities attending the mall. The main topic was disability in general and then several suggestions and/or tips were given in order to be more receptive when dealing with a person with a disability.


During the fiscal year, we carried out a training for the Contact Center team and the company’s internal teams in ASL (Argentine Sign Language) together with the NGO Señas en Acción (Signs in Action). The objective was to provide an inclusive and complete service to external customers from the telepresence screens located in the shopping malls, and, at the same time, to generate awareness in all intra-company areas regarding the deaf culture, creating communication bridges and more inclusive spaces.


Some of the actions carried out during the fiscal year were as follows: