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We are an integral part of the communities in which our business units are based.

Our goal is to articulate business interests with the agenda of these communities, balancing the generation of economic, social and environmental value.

Taking this into account, our CSR policy is based on making our business units the scene of dozens of actions that are framed within the Sustainable Development Goals.

IRSA, as the principal shareholder of IRSA CP, is the main source of financing for the CSR actions carried out by IRSA CP. In addition, it carries out numerous actions with civil society organizations, mainly involving its employees in volunteer work. So its employees and managers join brigades to generate housing solutions for low-income families working together with "Fundación Hábitat para la Humanidad Argentina" (

Also the administration buildings where their employees work are the scene of actions with the "Fundación SÍ" ( in which tools and toys are manufactured to be distributed to children in rural schools, nurseries, etc. These actions have the dual purpose of helping those in need and raising awareness among employees about the need to get involved in helping the community. That is why the "Fundación IRSA" (, of which IRSA is the main contributor, triples the donations made by the group employees to public good entities that they choose..